Perinatal Training

Submitted by: Lisa Dougherty

Regina's Success Story

Regina Keil
I have been training with Lisa for three years, before, during and after my pregnancy. I can’t stress enough how much of a difference she’s made. I was fortunate enough to find Lisa through an internet search and stumbled on her website. After meeting and training with Lisa, it was very clear that fitness, health and nutrition is truly her life’s passion. I had worked with trainers off and on for the past 10 years, but never anyone like Lisa. She is the most professional, genuine trainer and person I’ve ever met. It is no wonder why she is such a success both in her personal life and professional career.
Prenatal Experience
While every mother’s experience is different, I had an easy pregnancy for which I attribute to my fitness training and prenatal training with Lisa. I continued my running and strength training exercise according to the heart rate guidelines my doctor wanted me to stay within. Women at the gym would tell me that I was doing the best thing for myself and baby. I had numerous mothers tell me how quick and relatively painless their deliveries were without an epidural. They each attributed it as a direct result of exercising and maintaining good muscle tone throughout their pregnancies. Lisa showed me how to exercise without getting hurt or hurting my baby. Based on feedback she asked for and my heart rate during our sessions, she was able to adjust my workouts according to my level and how many weeks gestation I was at.
Even with all the regular exercise, I still gained a healthy 23 pounds. I trained with Lisa right up until the day before I delivered.
Birth Experience
My labor was a total of 2 hours from my water breaking to delivering my full-term baby boy. While I didn’t plan on going it without an epidural, things progressed so quickly that by the time I made it to the hospital an hour later, it was no longer an option. While waiting for my OB to arrive, the labor nurses couldn’t believe the control I had in blowing through contractions to slow things down while I waited and then pushing through contractions when my doctor finally arrived. I believe this control is a direct result of the modified strength training and breathing technique Lisa emphasized during my personalized prenatal workouts. My OB commented to the nurses that I had exercised throughout my entire pregnancy and that had contributed to how smoothly and quickly things were progressing. I never asked for pain relief because I simply didn’t need it. An hour after delivering, I was able to get off the bed on my own and push my baby to my room. It was such a freeing sensation to be able to move, something I would not have been able to do with an epidural.
Postnatal Training
I was allowed to begin post-natal exercise after 6 weeks although I felt I could’ve started earlier. Lisa had already planned for several areas for me to work on as part of my postnatal reconditioning. She helped me check for abdominal separation, a common postnatal condition, and emphasized the type of abdominal exercise to help close the gap and avoid certain exercises that might exasperate the condition. She emphasized the importance of pelvic floor strengthening and demonstrated neutral spine (proper posture) to counteract the postural changes caused by pregnancy.
After 10 weeks of postnatal training, I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight and under 18% body fat.
If you are contemplating a prenatal fitness plan, consider all the health benefits that come with staying fit during this special time, and consider training with Lisa. She will be the most devoted and committed trainer you will ever train with.