Proven Performance via Digital Learning

Billy's Success Story

"When I compare the online certificate to the other online CEC programs out there, I strongly believe this is the most valuable in the training industry. It is well put together and includes detailed information on how to train the athlete in everybody." - Billy De La Rosa, IGNITE 360 Master Trainer

Your goal as a personal trainer, coach, or group fitness instructor is to inspire the best out of your clients every day. You do this with the exercises you choose & why; the programming you create; and the active coaching methods you employ. Whether their goal is sports performance, weight loss, or improved overall heath you are the source of knowledge and inspiration that gets them to that next level.

Now is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Take the first-step in becoming a performance specialist with IGNITE 360 via this innovative methodology proven at the world-renown IMG Academy. The IGNITE 360 Online Certificate course will teach you how to train individuals of all ages and abilities like an athlete. At IGNITE 360 we call all our clients “athletes”, because we believe that inside everyone is a strong and powerful athletic engine ready to emerge. Everyone has the potential to be better, and you can help them get there using the proven Ignite Performance Training methodology.

The course has received international attention and been recognized as one of the top courses in the industry. It is an unbelievable experience for coaches and trainers globally to learn how to train the athlete in everybody.