Perfect and toned beach body - finally!

Submitted by: Lyen Wong

N. M. from Coral Gables, FL's Success Story

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"Lyen Wong is THE best trainer. Period. Living in Miami, I have worked with many trainers, but Lyen Wong is the last one I will ever need. I won't workout with anyone else. I look better than I ever have, or ever thought I could. In 2 weeks I saw major results, in 3 months, I had a new body.

She is extremely professional, and frankly I can't believe that such a high caliber of trainer is available for us regular folks in Miami. I feel like I'm working out with someone from television like P90x or Tae-Bo or something.

First thing she does is meet with you for an introduction. She listened to me as I told her about my goals and then she told me about her method and how she works. She is extremely professional and 110% dedicated to your results. It means as much to her as it does to you for you to get results. She takes measurements, including body fat percentage, and takes pictures to document your changes. Also, she not only gets your body in shape, tone, built in all the right places, she also emphasizes posture, which I really like. I've always had terrible posture, and because of her I have completely changed the way I hold my body.

Her depth of knowledge in exercise physiology and anatomy is extremely profound. As a medical student, I'm able to discuss with her in depth about the mechanics of the body. She really knows what she's talking about. She is constantly changing the routine, so you never get used to it, and never get bored. She is extremely motivating and encouraging. Nothing feels better than after a 1 hour session with Lyen Wong. I'm ready for my day, feeling stronger, healthier, and more alive than ever."

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N. M. from Coral Gables, FL Before


N. M. from Coral Gables, FL After