Patricia's Ride the Rockies 2012

Submitted by: Andrea Magness

Patricia's Success Story

Dear Coach Andrea,

Well I did it...the Ride the Rockies was great! We had perfect weather and the scenery was incredible. I felt good the first two days. Day 3 kicked my butt, (Independence Pass) so I took it easy the next day, and had a strong ride up Trail Ridge Road, which was my goal! It was a fantastic ride, and as you can see from the attached photo, the weather was beautiful and no wind!! The last day into Ft. Collins was fun too.

Thank you so much for your great coaching, and for the energy gel you gave me at your house. They came in handy and I didn't "bonk." My clean bike shifted well and rode smooth. Thank you for teaching me how to clean my bike.

I just signed up for the Tri for the Cure, as I think it's time for a little cross training. :o)

How are you, what's new? Let's connect in July!

Thanks again coach! Your training table was perfect and provided me with the right amount of training to be able to successful participate in the Ride.

Hugs to you,



Patricia After