Patricia's Journey

Submitted by: Jennifer Brango

Patricia R.'s Success Story

When I first came to Only Results Fitness, I did not realize how fruitful my investment would be. I have always struggled with my weight and eating. I found that past exercise/weight loss programs that worked before did not seem to work now after my second child.

I came to talk with Jen in April of 2011, wanting to lose weight. A mother, a friend, a caregiver, working multiply part-time jobs, my emotions were all over the map, I was tired, I was uncomfortable in my clothes and felt like I was always chasing the tiredness with caffeine. I was looking for a solution. I thought that our budget could not afford the monthly membership fees. I discussed it with my husband and made plans to sign up for three months.

Within that time, I realized I needed to make time for myself and keep my mind focused on my goals. I needed to let go of what did not work. I needed to change my mindset. I was following the Only Results Values and Program. Not having much free time I signed up for classes early in the morning. I came to class regularly, loving that I got my workouts in before most people’s day even started. Coached and encouraged by Jen and Mike, I was feeling stronger, more confident, loosing inches and learning about being healthy.

After my second month, I knew I needed to commit to the program and added the membership to our budget. The value of the program had an expansion factor that is priceless“.spilling over in many aspects of life. I am getting results! I have more energy, confidence and my mood rollercoaster has come to a dead halt.

I have learned that my food intake is a key factor. I am trying new things and work hard to introduce a healthier lifestyle into my life and my families. The workouts are fun and always different. I have gone down 4 dress sizes and lost 17 inches in my hips and waist alone and 7.9% body fat.

Not only have I achieved fitness results but I have acquired a new support system of positive people that encourage each other. With the help of Only Results Fitness team, I am constantly teaching myself, my husband, my children and my friends about eating healthy and exercising properly. Thank you Only Results Fitness! You are the Best Part of my day! I am signed up for life, I will continue to make this investment and change my mindset to get to my goals.

Patricia R.


Patricia R. Before


Patricia R. After