Patient Spotlight

Submitted by: The Training Room

Jean Phelps's Success Story

Jean had been living with constant joint pain for the past 5 years which had begun to limit her daily functional and recreational activities. Active all her life, she did not want this to continue to impact her very active lifestyle. After experiencing a fracture of her patella, medial meniscus tear, and thinning of her ACL which she suffered in a snowboarding accident in February, Jean came to The Training Room to help make her dream become a reality. Her goal was to be able to snowboard in Vail, Colorado by December 2012.

Left knee symptoms from her fall, coupled with her severe arthritis, led Jean to undergo knee replacement surgery (TKA) on 5/21/12 for her left knee. TKA is one of the most successful knee procedures done today. It helps to restore function, relieve pain, and correct leg deformity. Typical recovery can take anywhere from 3-6 months for those just wanting to return to their normal function of walking and stair climbing pain-free. Not one to be complacent to giving up on what she loved to do, Jean knew she had her work cut out for her!

Jean started physical therapy at The Training Room approximately 3 weeks after her surgery. The initial phases of her rehab focused on restoring knee ROM into both flexion and extension. She also worked on hip and knee strengthening help build on the foundation of joint mobility and stability. Jean consistently rehabbed 3 days a week, where focus continued to be on her ability to maximize strength and educate her on the importance of body mechanics. This included the integration of core stability and gluteal strengthening activities to help in her control of pelvis and trunk, which would then translate to her ability to control and maintain proper knee position. Jean balanced on stability balls, jumped from boxes of varied heights, and squatted on one leg, as a part of her rigorous rehab program.

Jean continued with rehab leading up to her trip on 12/8/12. At this time, Jean had begun participation in higher level stability activities that younger athletes perform to maximize their performance including lunging, jogging, and jumping. Jean was able to do so with good form and control. She felt ready at this time and knew she had the tools to be successful. Jean was in Vail for a week and was able to snowboard for the first time in her life pain-free! Jean truly is a testament of how hard work and dedication can lead to a successful outcome.

Way to go Jean! You are an inspiration to all and have proven how a total knee replacement cannot limit you from living your life to the max!


Jean Phelps Before