Patience and Perseverance

Submitted by: Ronald Gladwell

Jeff's Success Story

Ronald takes time and was intuitive in his understanding of what I wanted to achieve, and do, in my training regime. I liked the way he took the time to listen and understand what I wanted to do and this, I think, sets him apart from other Personal Trainers.

He tailored the programme exactly to my strengths; he quickly picked up on the exercises I didn’t particularly like doing and designed a different exercises in there place, to work the same muscle group. (I used to find that there were always a couple of exercises I didn’t enjoying doing but with Ronald’s programme this isn’t an issue for me, so thanks Ronald).

If you have the opportunity and the space in your working day to take some time out and spend this with Ronald you’ll see that in retrospective that it is time well spent.

I also discussed my diet and needed to lose a few pounds and I now have a much better dietary regime and am on the way to achieving my goal.

Thanks very much Ronald for your patience and perseverance."

Top Qualities: Motivation, Good Value, Presentable, Expertise, Excellant Results