Pastry, Pasta and Cheese Loving Turned into Healthy Living - 8lbs lighter, and a flat tummy!

Submitted by: Dolly Seeburger

Mary DiPiazza's Success Story

When I first met Mary, we had a long chat and I found out about her dancer background and how she used to do karate but she kept telling me that that was years and years ago. The years of inactivity has made her gain a good 10 pounds on her petite frame and she doesn't feel comfortable anymore. I instantly felt a connection to her because I know how it feels like to have a body that you're not comfortable with even if other people keep telling you that you look fine and that you don't need to lose weight. Does Mary look like she is overweight? No she doesn't. In fact she looks great! But I understand that she knew that she could look better since she once was a professional dancer. The problem was losing weight isn't as easy as it used to be because when we age our body is different. So she came to me as a last resort.

We always have good workouts, eventhough at the start she struggled a little but I assured her that things will only get easier and it did. She improved tremendously. From not being able to do 1 full push up to doing 20 of it at one go. Now how many women can say that?

The first four weeks the results were slow to come because she was struggling with her diet. I gave her some guidelines and made her keep an exact journal of what she eats . Coming from an Italian family and loving to bake; pastry, pasta and cheese were her vice. But I love that she was honest with me all the time.

Going into our second month, she started becoming frustrated but I told her to stick with me and that the results will come as long as she gives her all. And surely the weight started to drop because she started eating healthier. Combined with my instructions for high intensity training, her stomach started flattening out.

I could instantly tell that she was feeling better about herself. She was radiant and she started wearing tighter clothes and even sleeveless.

Eventhough she has stopped training with me, I keep in contact, to check on her progress, to even measure her and give her advice and I love that we hike together. I am proud to call Mary my friend and I am so happy that she has taken her weight into her own hands. Even till today, her weight is still dropping because of the knowledge she has gained while training and today she tells how she loves eating healthy.

Congratulations Mary. I know you will go far and you will be an ambassador for fitness.


Mary DiPiazza Before


Mary DiPiazza After