Participant Turned Instructor Gained Muscle Tone and Increased Cardiovascular Endurance

Submitted by: Cardio Sport

Shannon's Success Story

Shannon began Cardio Sport almost 2 years ago in her mid 20s. Shannon was not overweight, but lacked the muscle tone she once had in her college sports days.

Cardio Sport helped Shannon reshape her body, increasing her muscle tone. Shannon loves to run and Cardio Sport helped her improve her overall fitness-level, increasing her ability to run long distances with greater speed and endurance.

Shannon became a Certified Cardio Sport Instructor due to her love for the program's benefits - both physically, mentally and emotionally. She is a teacher and runs a Cardio Sport program at her school for her colleagues. She is now helping to change other people's lives and challenge them to be the best they can be!


Shannon Before


Shannon After