Submitted by: Vance Ferrigno

Bill's Success Story

I made an appointment with Mr. Ferrigno after having his services highly recommended to me by a fellow Glassy neighbor. I have Parkinson's and was suffering from severe back pain at the time. I have now worked with Mr. Ferrigno for almost a year and have reached several conclusions about Vance.
He is one of the most knowledgeable people about his field that I have ever met. He uses this information and his experience to customize a program for each individual that he works with. When something arises that is new to him he immediately goes to his medical books and reads and studies the area in question. His breath of knowledge is impressive and a tremendous resource for the Cliffs.
While he is unsurpassed in his technical skills he is even better from a personal standpoint. When he works with a patient he is always calm, warm and concerned in his interaction with people. He is conscientious about his commitments he makes in his patients and he always has a smile for you.
Bottom line is that working with Vance you gets the best physical therapy given with concern and respect for the individual. And working with Vance is always a pleasant experience and one that gets results.
Thank you,