's Success Story

Four years ago at the age of sixty-three, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. During the first two years, I had to increase my medication four times. My tremors were progressively getting worse along with my anxiety. So, after a discussion with my Doctor, I decided to try Pilates. I made the decision to join Kathryn Rollins’, as she came highly recommended, and she had an extensive background in nursing. After a short consultation, she put together a program that was specific to my needs. The program consists of strengthening, stretching and balance, which addressed my major concerns of maintaining fitness and mobility, and my ability to keep up with an active lifestyle. My primary goal obviously, is to slow down the progression of Parkinson’s.

Thanks to Kathryn’s program, I have improved physically in all areas. I found that Pilates has also been very beneficial in alleviating my stress and fatigue, which affect my tremor. From a mental aspect, she’s helped me reduce my anxiety and develop a more positive attitude. Her approach is that I focus more on my results and not my problem. Pilates has given me an overall sense of well being, and I have a much better outlook for my future.

I have recommended Kathryn to several friends, and they too are pleased with their results."