Overcame Injuries to Re-Shape Body

Submitted by: Laura Alvarado

Rory's Success Story

Most people who start with trainers as a resolution in January wind up ditching the gym by March. That will not happen with Coach Laura: You will not just get good workouts that are tied to your goals but an enthusiastic supporter who will take an all-around approach to your health and fitness.

I’ve been working with Coach Laura for more than three years – three years that have really changed me. And I’m not an easy case; I’m a middle-aged man with a bum knee, a bum shoulder, no natural flexibility, and lousy eating habits. But Coach Laura has been able to work around all those issues and has helped me not just to get results but to create a new attitude that means I will stay healthy and fit.

When I started with Laura I weighed close to 210 pounds and well over 30 percent body fat, not very good numbers for being 5’ 8” tall. My doctor was very concerned about my cholesterol levels, and I was very concerned about having no muscle tone and no stamina. I wanted to get back into the shape I had been in 12 years ago, when I was an active soccer referee and cyclist and weighed 170 or so.

Today, I’m about 180 pounds and 22 percent body fat, and continuing in the right direction. My doctor is thrilled about the changes in cholesterol, and I’m thrilled about how I look and feel.

It didn’t happen overnight. Coach Laura had to work with me, a little at a time, to correct a lot of problems: Posture, core strength, flexibility, and (very important) nutrition. We had setbacks along the way. But all the time, there was Coach Laura being supportive and creative in her approach to working around an injury or helping me re-think my diet and my commitment to myself. She never gave up on me, and always treated me with respect. So I never gave up on myself.

I’ve done so much more than just lose weight and body fat. Thanks to Coach Laura, I’ve made permanent changes in my lifestyle that will keep me fit and help make sure I survive middle age.

That’s why I’m still with her more than five years later.


Rory Before


Rory After