Overcame heart attack's, TIA's and cancer

Submitted by: Steven Satin

Jack, 75, Cape Cod and Buffalo's Success Story

Since 1994 I have been training with Satin Wellness and sLIFE has made me stronger! It has helped me recover from heart attacks, major surgeries and strokes (TIA’s) much sooner than expected.” My Satin Wellness Specialist spoke with my doctors and developed a program to help me get all the way back. He called the program, "sLIFE". To me it is a life saver; when we first started back after my second major heart attack I could only exercise with one pound hand weights and walk 5 minutes at a time.

I am now strength training twice per week with up to 200 pounds and doing 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise three times per week. Not bad for 74 years old! You can do it too!

Satin Wellness and sLIFE are magic!