Overcame Food & Fitness Issues - Lost Weight, Gained Confidence

Submitted by: T. Renee McCord

Charlene's Success Story

From Feb. 2009 - Nov. 2010, Charlene has lost 18 lbs, 12 lbs of fat, increased lean body mass by 2.5%, decreased body fat by 2.5%, decreased BMI by 3.2. She absolutely loves strength training 2x a week, conquered her sugar addiction, reduced her food intake, increased her cardio intensity both in walking and on cardio machines, and feels fantastic about her accomplishments. She's elated that she bought her first pair of size 10 jeans for the first time in decades.
Before (January 2009) - 174 lbs, 43.7% Body Fat, 31.4 BMI. Charlene loved to walk outside but was leary of any inside cardio equipment and knew nothing of strength training except that she needed to do it. She was afraid to do any cardio that increased her heart rate beyond the intensity of walking because she feared a cardio event. Her goals were, in her own words, "To become physically fit, have better endurance, and to reach a healthy weight."
After (Nov. 2010) 154 lbs., 41.2% Body Fat, 28.2 BMI. Charlene has come a long way in 21 months! She has experienced many obstacles along the way but has never given up. She overcame many fears while pushing through her setbacks and plateaus. Finally, her weight started to come off and she fell in love with exercise! She is strong inside and out. I am so proud of her! What a privilege it is to work along side her in her fitness journey. She looks and acts like a difference person! She is still consistently working toward her goal of achieving a healthy weight but has certainly exceeded her other goals.