Overall Fitness and Injury Prevention

Submitted by: Marie Hopkins

Silvana Berkshire's Success Story

I started working out with Maria and had not worked out at all for about 3 years or more.
I am a 58 year old woman and at the time had severe tendonitis in my left arm to the point where I could not even lift a glass without severe pain, and had just received my first cortisone shot in the elbow.
When we started working out, I could not even lift a 3lb dumbbell out from my body and wore a brace above my elbow on the left arm for about the first year.
Maria was excellent at working around my issues and modifying the exercises so that I could build up strength in my left arm!
I lost inches and got really toned while building up strength.
I now love to lift weights and still love to work out with Maria.
She is so professional and always upbeat and willing to work on any problem areas.
Thanks Maria!!

Silvana Berkshire