Overall better health

Submitted by: Rebecca Salmonson

Mary's Success Story

Mary is 71 years old. She has RA, Osteoarthritis, half her back has been fused together, has a reverse prosthetic shoulder joint on (L) shoulder, and both knees have had surgery. Mary came in always needing a cane or walker. Used the elevator, could not use a step. Could barely lift a 2# dumbbell. After 1 1/2 months, no walker/cane. Today, after 4 months, she is up to a 10# weight with her ( R) and depending on the exercise, 2.5-8# with her (L). She does not use the elevator, ever. At home, she can now keep complete balance, carry baskets of laundry, and more, without issues. She calls me her doctor. When she comes in with aches and pains, when she leaves and throughout the night, she is 150% better. Next day, no signs of pain. Mary has come a long way in a short period of time...I AM PROUD OF HER!