Over 120lbs lost and still losing!

Jenny Lynn's Success Story

Jenny Lynn came to me because of the love of her now husband Brian. I had been training Brian for over 2 years and he himself is a success story, so he knew I could help his future bride.
Jenny Lynn at her heaviest weighed in at 310lbs. She was borderline diabetic, on anxiety medicine, her asthma was out of control and she had rosacea and other skin problems, pain in every joint and horrible posture.
Her main problem was her obsession with food. She turned to food when she had any emotion, happy, mad or sad. Her life and her family's life revolved around food and a lot of incredibly fatty food, none the less. I immediately put her on a strict nutrition program. I usually try not to turn a person's food life upside down, but Jenny Lynn needed structure and didn't have any will power. The next few sessions were concentrated on her posture and her structural integrity. Pretty much, all we did was stretch and get her body prepared for a real workout. She thought I was crazy, but within the first 3 weeks she lost over 10 lbs of fat! Then we finally were able to start regular resistance programs and cardio programs and all though she didn't have much stamina and complained all the time she kept making positive steps. She couldn't walk up the stairs without pain, couldn't do more than 1 jumping jack at a time and could only walk at 2 mph on a 0 incline for a few minutes.
Two years later Jenny Lynn is weighing in at 185 and has lost over 19% body fat! We have our ups and downs with her food addiction, but a ton more ups than downs. She can jog upstairs with no pain, do over 20 jumping jacks at a time and she can walk on a treadmill at over 3.8 mph at a 9 incline! She is doing wonderful! She and Brian got married in April 2009 and she had a little bit of a scare because her wedding dress didn't fit, it was too big! She had to have about 20 pins put in the back to keep it up, this is one of her proudest moments.
We are still on the road to her ultimate goal and she keeps learning everyday about food and why she turns to it, so it has been easier to overcome. Great job J.Lynn! Keep up the good work!
Just and FYI, her after picture is taken just 16 weeks after her before picture.


Jenny Lynn Before


Jenny Lynn After

Alexandria Danilovitch

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