Our Amazing Clients!

Submitted by: Len Glassman

Jill, Chris, Nancy, Ed 's Success Story

"I am so pleased with the whole Personal Best experience. Karen is a wonderful, talented, dedicated trainer. You know, when people tell me "You don't look your age", that doesn't necessarily mean that I am fit. I really needed this physical training , and now I feel so much better. Karen was careful not to push me too far. Therefore, I never experienced soreness in my muscles. But I gained cardio and muscle strength at every session. And I am motivated to continue at home. If I don't spend at least three days a week working out for a half hour, I don't feel as well. I have always been a walker, but walking isn't enough. It doesn't work all the muscles.
Your gym and equipment are immaculate. I know that is very important to you. There are so many different machines. I appreciated the variety and the quality of equipment. You and Karen have given me a real gift." (Jill, Trainer - Karen Megaro)
"Personal Best is a friendly and supportive environment for those of us who may not be in the best of shape and don't know where to start. I used to "exercise" on my own without result. My trainer assists me in really "working out" every part of my body. It is actually fun and different every time. In a few short weeks the results are materializing; more energy, tone muscles, self-confidence, increased strength and mobility, positive attitude, greater self esteem, weight loss, and accomplishments from friends and family. I am committed to PB because they are committed to me and it is working!!!!" (Ed, Trainer - Frank Hammond)
"Since working out at Personal Best, I have seen a steady improvement in my tone, strength and overall conditioning. I love working with my trainer, Dario. He always tailors the workout to my specific needs and consistently challenges me with varied workouts." (Chris, Trainer - Dario Rivera)
"I began coming to Personal Best 4 years ago. Weekly training with core conditioning exercises has eliminated my chronic lower back pain and provided the added benefits of increased strength and vitality." (Nancy: Trainer - Len Glassman)