Online personal training is perfect for anyone "on-the-go" needing a high degree of flexibility!

Submitted by: Heather Binns

Dan's Success Story

My personal trainer, Heather Binns, and online training have been a wonderful dynamic duo for me. With ever increasing life demands, I found myself with little time for exercise. Poor eating habits that I “got away with” in my 20s and 30s were simply proving to be unhealthy. This double-whammy naturally resulted in the addition of an extra 20 pounds on top of my long-term stable weight. A few attempts to get “back in shape” proved ineffective.

I believed that if I closely monitored and measured my weight, I’d get motivated to get back in shape. I found Heather online and have been working with her for three months. Heather has been a teacher when I needed education, a motivator when I needed a push, and source of excellent nutritional advice. I look forward to each new weekly workout and menu plan that Heather creates for me based on my progress, goals, and preferences.

To date, I have lost 15 pounds and I am very close to the goal weight I established at the outset. I feel better and have more energy. I have enjoyed working with Heather and her plans are crafted specifically for my busy schedule. The online personal training solution is perfect for anyone on the go needing a high degree of flexibility. Thank you Heather!