Online Coaching with Kelly

Submitted by: Kelly Gibson

Kayla S.'s Success Story

"I signed up with Kelly two weeks ago to be my Online Coach while I completed a Beachbody home fitness program called Power 90. Kelly has helped me make so many adjustments in my diet and has provided me with a grocery list of the things I can eat that will help me lose the weight I so badly want to lose. Kelly is very knowledgable about eating healthy and I felt like I could trust her so I listen to her and incorporate what she tells me to do in my daily activities.

My initial weight was 189 when I started working with Kelly. Today at my weigh-in at my doctors office I got on the scale and weighed 185. I have lost 4 lbs in a total of only two weeks while working with Kelly! I also drink the Chocolate Vegan Shakeology once a day for a meal; this and the way I have been eating is really working for me. We talk once a day via email and I feel motivated and accountable for having Kelly as my Online Coach. Do what she says and you will have success!!!"