On The Right Track

Submitted by: Corey Kelley

Mike's Success Story

Last year at this time ( March 2010) I had an operation that was health related. I weighed in excess of 344 lbs. In a little less than a year's time I had lost 174 lbs. With the rapid weight loss I was having muscle issues. I was losing muscels faster than the weight. I had a conformance with my physician and he said in plain words I needed to work out, to gain those muscles back.

Well I am 67 years young and not being in-tuned to the new equipment that is available and what kind of work out I needed, I went to my local "Y" for assistance.

My local "Y" set me up with Corey Kelley as my professional trainer. Without Corey's help setting me up on programs in strength, cardio and balance I still would be in trouble today. She was very knowledgeable and helpful in putting a program together that put me back into a very active life style. On my bucket list this year was to go Scuba Diving & Skiing. Well I did them both. If it wasn't for Corey's help neither one of them would have been accomplished.
I highly recommend Corey as a professional Trainer.