On My way.....

Linda's Success Story

I needed a change. After deciding to get healthy again,I decided to take a different route. I called a trainer. Fergie Of FERGIES INSTRUCTIONAL TRAINING showed me the correct way to do the execises that would make a difference to my body and provided valuable information on proper nutrition.In one month I lost 6lbs and a total of 9 inches and I continue to trim down.My energy level has increased and My Husband has been inspired to begin walking wwith me. The consistency of working out twice a week with Fergie, changing my diet (by focusing on the best nutrition for my body) and including cardio into my daily routine by walking at last 2 miles per day/3-5 times weekly, made a big difference. My doctor was thrilled with my progress and all my levels look good. My co-workers marvel at the difference in my appearance and are asking me for advice.
I transformed my life through fitness and Fergie showed me how. 2012, watch out here I come.


Linda After