On Demand Commitment

Submitted by: Michele Rogers

David's Success Story

After graduating HS in 2011, it was time for a change. Over the summer I started many different workout programs that I didn't stick to. After the fall I was up to 214 lbs. I knew that I wasn't leading a healthy lifestyle & changes had to be made. In January I started watching the Xfinity workout videos where I discovered Michele. I started doing 1-2 of her short workouts a week, & decreased my calorie intake. Within a week I had lost 5 lbs. I began running to work up my endurance so I could start doing her advanced workouts. By the end of February I had lost 22 pounds & noticed significant muscle increase. In March I began her 5 day workout plan which is amazing! Michele's workouts helped me change my body, food choices, & my confidence. I recommend her to anyone that wants a challenge. Her workouts are filled with amazing exercises. I love how she combines cardio & strength training in under a 1/2 hour. As of today I lost a total 45 lbs. There truly is no one better than Michele!