Now My Workouts Are Enjoyable

Submitted by: Staci Fiori

Lourdes Conrad's Success Story

In 2010 I was very unhealthy and a little overweight for my 5'2 frame. I was pre-diabetic, had constant leg swelling and heart palpitations due to high blood pressure. A few days after a visit to my doctor, I received a call from her. She was very concerned as she told me that I was very close to becoming a diabetic, and if I continued on my same path I would eventually have to go on medication for diabetes. That scared me enough to want to change my life. I was motivated and determined to get healthy.

The following day I decided to join the West Sacramento Recreation Center. I started out slow, walking a fast pace 7-days a week for 30 minutes on the treadmill, then increasing speed and length, eventually running on the treadmill an hour to an hour and half a day. I began to eat a healthier diet and monitored my sugar intake by reading nutritional labels. As my stamina progressed on the treadmill and I started to lose weight, I needed to add more to my workout for increased results.

I started taking Staci's cardio lift classes, along with other classes at the WSRC and joined one of their fitness challenges. To my surprise, I won the fitness challenge competition at the end. Having Staci's support and guidance, taking her classes and the other classes at WSRC made me more determined and motivated to help me to achieve my goal. Staci is a wonderful trainer and going to her classes have made my workouts more enjoyable. I've lost 22 lbs and have gone from 32% body fat to 16% body fat. I can honestly say at 49 years old, I am the healthiest and most physically fit I have ever been in my life


Lourdes Conrad Before


Lourdes Conrad After