Not Just for Women

Submitted by: Deanett Pierce

Gary's Success Story

Having exercised regularly throughout my life, I have gone through phases of weight training, swimming, biking, basketball and even running. My wife began working out with Deanett a couple of years ago. She would come home talking about how challenging the workouts were. I decided to go to the gym with her and do one of the workouts she had been given. The workout was much more challenging than I expected! I began attending classes and was hooked. I was doing exercises that made me sore from my head to my toes! I knew this was what I was looking for. I began to attend classes on a regular basis and soon signed up for Deanett’s Sweat Fitness Boot Camp. Deanett challenged us to find something we wanted to do that we have not done before. The only thing that I was interested in was a Spartan / Tough Mudder type race. I signed up for my first Spartan in March of 2013 and after completing the race with my brother and Deanett, I was hooked. Part of my training routine includes attending Sweat Fitness Boot Camp, where I work out hard with a group, sweat and have fun. I promise you it is, “Not just for women.” Thank you, Deanett, for inspiring and challenging me to take exercising to the next level. I hope that I can inspire others as well.


Gary After