Not bad for 50

Submitted by: Amanda Barnes

Val's Success Story

I have been taking Amanda’s Domination Class for almost a year. Amanda is a high-energy wonderful trainer who is tough on her clients, but also shows great care and concern for every person she trains. I am over 50 years old and was a little worried about taking a class entitled “DOMINATION”. Amanda was able to show me that by working hard and going at my own pace (with lots of reassurance from her) that I could feel as strong as a I was when I was much younger. When I started Domination, I could only do 2 push ups in a row (and that was with a lot of complaining). Now, I can do as many as 15 real push ups in a row without stopping. Amanda is a phenomenal trainer and a fun person. Thanks for the opportunity to share my experience in Amanda’s Domination Class.