No stopping Shari

Submitted by: Julie Betts-Albert

Shari's Success Story

Shari, 69 semi-retired came to me as a personal training client who admittedly tried every diet and exercise device sold on TV. While being a nurse she felt she should know better how to live the fit life for life. Despite her efforts the starvation and fads diets were a bust. They actually made her gain more and more weight each time she stopped them. Ultimately, gaining strength and improving cardio was the goal and with each year of compliance Shari did find success. While at times setbacks occurred she didn't seek solace in overeating to deal with the feelings. The more she changed the "tapes" in her mind about what and why she was working on being healthy the more change she saw. Strength came and push ups were done, pilates TRXm BOSU balance work but cardio lacked. Shari enjoyed the nordic walking and already had the poles, but it wasn't until her daughter motivated her to to a half marathon did she find the resolve to really commtt. to cardio. She walked out the half marathon and has found that the cardio really gave her great results in her body changes as well as her strength program. She is living life strong and her body reflects a fit and healthy woman who has finally changed the negative tapes that kept her down. Shari is confidence be cause she values herself enough to do the work. Shari contnues to do her cardio and she looks and feels better than ever.


Shari Before


Shari After
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