No Pain, All Gain

Submitted by: Tim Anderson

Trey Baker's Success Story

I think this is a great idea and I really did want to recognize you both. It all hit me that day when we finished the 20 miles. See what you think about this and I don't mind posting it myself if that give you more exposure (or doing both might be best).

I trained by myself and ran a half marathon two years ago. After struggling to finish I had three immediate thoughts:

1. I did it!

2. I don't have anyone to celebrate with. (people were buddied up everywhere).

3. I want to do a full but with the PAIN IN MY KNEE there is no way I could go that distance.

It took me quite a bit of time to recover from that experience. My knee hurt so bad I could barely walk the following week. I really did want to do better so I connected with Tim and Mindy at OPT. I joined Mindy's run group and worked with Tim to determine where my knee pain was coming from and how I could overcome it. I am reminded of all this because a couple of Saturdays ago as part of the full marathon training I am currently doing with Mindy, we ran 20 miles. Not only did I finish with NO PAIN whatsoever in my knee my pace was around a 9 minute mile and I recovered quickly and was running again that Monday. I am faster and stronger and felt better running 20 miles than I did running 13 a couple of years ago. This is all thanks to the coaching, community and expertise of Tim and Mindy. I feel confident I will run a good marathon and when I finish this spring I will be thinking...I did it, There's my run group to celebrate with and the only pain I will feel will be the "good kind" that comes from putting it out there and working hard and not the debilitating kind I had before.

Trey Baker - Fuquay-Varina, NC