No More Pain

Submitted by: Linda Niazi

Dawn's Success Story

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this on behalf of Linda Semmoud who has been my personal trainer for the last 3 months. When I started training with Linda, I was at the end of a recovery from tendonitis of my left hip. The injury had been bothering me for over a year, and after a few months of physical therapy, I was concerned that I would further injure my hip while training. Linda was very thorough in her initial consultation meeting with me, and understood my misgivings. She assured me that if I trained with her, she would teach me how to exercise properly in order to strengthen the area and to prevent further injury. I have arthritis in my hands, and a tender elbow from not exercising correctly, both of which also initially concerned me.

At the end of 20 sessions, I feel much better all over, especially my hip. The tendonitis was not totally healed when I started my sessions, but it is now. Gradually, my hip got better with the strengthening and stretching that Linda suggested, and had me perform. At every session, Linda always asks me to let her know if something wasn't right, or if I developed pain as we went along. I feel confident that she will push me to achieve my goal, but always listen to me and how I am feeling.

I know I am stronger now, and although I haven't totally reached my weight goal, I will continue working with Linda to achieve that. I would recommend Linda to anyone who wants a patient, professional and understanding personal trainer who takes the time to listen to her clients.