No more neck or lower back pain!

Submitted by: Melisa Hiebert

Kathy's Success Story

Melisa has been my personal trainer for over 8 years. I always look forward to our workouts because she knows how to push and challenge me and makes it fun at the same time. She's extremely knowledgeable and professional in her expertise of body training and body mechanics. She takes her work very seriously and treats all her clients individually and caters to all of different physical needs.
I have suffered neck and lower back pain in the past. Melisa knows how to strengthen and challenge my body and at the same time be protective of my physical limitations. I can honestly say I have no more neck or lower back pain. I attribute this to my training with Melisa.
I would highly recommend her to anyone of all ages. She's a total pleasure to work with!!

Kathy - registered nurse


Kathy Before


Kathy After