No More Lower Back Pain or Neck Pain

Submitted by: Jon Lempke

Claire's Success Story

Jon was recommended to me by my neighbor. I first used him as a personal trainer and he was wonderful at motivating me and getting me back on track with my exercising. Then he mentioned that he also did stretching. At that time I was experiencing a lot of lower back pain from an auto accident I was in several years ago and after seeing a chiropractor 10 times without any improvement I decided to try stretching with Jon.
After 1 session I immediately knew this is what I needed. His stretching has greatly improved the spasms and pain I felt and I am no longer stiff when I get up in the morning. He has also improved the neck pain I have had for over a year.
His stretching has worked better than either the chiropractic services or massage therapy, which I had tried previously. He is very professional, and personable. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their flexibility and to just feel better.
Claire White 8/10/09