No More Injuries

Submitted by: Kelly McEnroe

Mimi's Success Story

I found Kelly almost by accident. I had a work related injury and needed physical therapy. During my time at therapy I was introduced to Kelly. Once I completed my PT, Kelly took me on as a client. The work she gave me was far more effective than the exercises I received from the physical therapist. As a result of working with Kelly, I recovered from my injury.

When I got injured, my only desire was to be able to jog again. My therapy didn't achieve that. My work with Kelly did. But it doesn't stop there. I kept training. I never wanted to be a weight lifter or have a "sculpted body" but I did like the way I felt. I lost weight and gained muscle tone. Suddenly, everyone was telling me how great I looked. Over a short period of time, I got fantastic results with Kelly and I'm not stopping now.

Kelly knows my limits and helps me get the most out of my workouts. She never pushes me too far but she always keeps me going. I do have good muscle tone now but not so much that I'm uncomfortable.

This may sound strange but I'm actually glad I got injured at work. It lead to meeting Kelly and that resulted in getting into the best shape of my life. When we first met, we talked a lot about my goals. I'm happy to say Kelly helped me achieve every single one of them....and more.