No more daily massages

Submitted by: Isabelle Thompson

J.'s Success Story

J works two jobs! She's a dental hygienist and a waitress. Her spine gets an overload every day. She's kyphotic and asks her family to take turns giving her neck rubs every day because she is having difficulty managing the pain. Well, that's all changed.
J recently sent me a Thank You Note saying that after only 10 sessions with me, she is no longer suffering.
In J's case, since I knew that her training would eventually come to an end, I had to give her tools to empower herself. We worked on mat and the Reformer but I also used Therabands that she could afford. I showed her exercises and quick stretches that she could do in between dental patients and standing around at the restaurant.
J and I together, "rebuilt" her posture around the clock. She TRANSFORMED herself! Good job, J!