No More Couch Potato

Submitted by: Jason Bosley-Smith

Jessica's Success Story

I first came to Synergy Health and Fitness in October 2008. I was one month away from being a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding and I could no longer zip up my dress. I had been steadily gaining weight despite my best intentions. I kept saying I was going to workout, but I never got off the couch and followed through. So, after realizing I had to change my habits immediately, I did some research and found the answer to all my troubles: Synergy Health and Fitness.

In that first month, Jason was able to guide me in choosing healthier foods when grocery shopping and going out to eat. He was also a great motivator during workout sessions. I never missed a session and looked forward to what new exercises he was going to have me perform the next time. Jason always chose a variety of exercises so I wouldn’t be bored with the routine, but it was also challenging. With his help, I have regained my confidence, learned to love exercise again, especially running, and eat healthier than I ever have. I did meet my initial goal and fit into my bridesmaid’s dress, with some breathing room to spare! I have continued to set goals to keep myself motivated and prevent myself from falling back into old habits. The longer I have been at Synergy, the easier it seems to continue to lead this healthy lifestyle. I’m always reminded of how far I’ve come, and how great I now feel, whenever I look back at the old photos of my former self.

Synergy Health and Fitness got me off the couch and living life again!


Jessica Before


Jessica After