No more back pain!

Submitted by: Milton Jimenez

Robert's Success Story

I've know Milton since 1988, when as a college student, he trained me in Motobu Ha Shito Ryu Karate. I moved away to go to Law School, life, marriage, kids, but Milton's training remained in my mind and spirit until 2006 when I came across his business card in my business partner's office. I called him and have been doing strength training 2x week. Occassionally, we still train martial arts, but my main charge to Milton was to heal my "broken back", sore and swollen from years of toting a giant belly out front. Milton pushes me to my level of endurance, gives me confidence in my body and now strong back. When I want to stop and give up, he helps me find the strength to continue. As long as he will continue to train me in his unique, spiritually strong way, I will keep coming. Thank you Shihan!