No Matter What Your Age...(both in their 50's)

Submitted by: Renee Schoen

Carol and Rick's Success Story

Rick and I started at Rejuv in May. Rick had just started blood pressure medication for a couple of months and was having to change prescriptions a lot to try to get his blood pressure controlled. He also snored more and more all the time. At times I would sleep on the couch to get some sleep or get him to go to the couch so I could sleep.
I have been on diets since my late 30’s. I would lose weight, gaining it all back and some more, lose it again, gain again, over and over. You have heard the story from others.
We both have family history of heart disease and both of Rick’s parents have diabetes.
I had heard radio ads about Rejuv. One day, JR came to Microbiologics, where I work and talked about weight loss and nutrition. We made an appointment with Ben to talk things over. After thinking it over a few days we decided it was either make the changes now, on our own terms, or do later, when disease was already doing some damage.
We were able to share trainer time and we worked together with eating and exercising. We learned so much about nutrition and reading labels and portion control. We learned through our trainer and the grocery store tours about the marketing gimmicks that are used to sell so-called “healthy” or “diet” foods.
Renee, our trainer, was great! She made sure we were not feeling hungry. She was always supportive. She gave us little pushes when we needed them. She made sure we understood the nutrition program. She helped Rick stay on track even when he was on the road and not able to be at the training sessions.
I always enjoyed Renee’s sense of humor and her ability to encourage you when mistakes were made. We never felt that we were scolded. Her attitude was how to make things work better so we could get back on track and stay there. She helped us find foods and meals that worked for us. We learned we had muscles in places we didn’t know existed. Her work outs were never the same, never boring. We were taught how to position ourselves correctly to avoid injury and to get the most benefit of the exercises. (That is something you don’t really learn from DVD’s.) I never thought I would swing a mallet to beat on a truck tire.
Here we are, 6 months later, 70+ pounds lighter, feeling great, in better shape than we have been in probably 20+ years. We worked all day recently, cutting, hauling, pilling wood. Neither of us was beat at the end of the day, nor did we have aches and pains that night or the next day. Rick went from a 38 inch waist to a 34 and you can see his belt buckles. I went from a size 12 to a 6. I may even enjoy shopping for a new swim suit next spring. THANKS, RENEE!!!!
Rick is no longer taking meds for his blood pressure. I can’t remember the last time I heard him snore. I now have biceps that you can see. We are feeling great! We feel we have the tools we need to maintain this life style of eating healthy and keeping our bodies in good shape to make the years ahead of us so much better and enjoyable. Forget the rocking chairs for our retirement!
Thanks to all at Rejuv for changing our lives and helping us to get fit! We are so happy we decided to join and we truly have spent our money wisely.
Carol and Rick