No Limits

Submitted by: Christopher Cooper

Dawn's Success Story

My name is Dawn, I am a 41 year old elementary school teacher. I was born with Spina Bifida and therefore have to use a wheelchair. I have always been active and independent, however as I approached my late 30's, I started noticing my energy level decreasing and my waistline increasing. My friend recommended joining a gym and work with a trainer. Being a person that has physical limitations, I was very leary that a trainer would be able to meet my needs and be able to help me achieve my goals. That is when I met with Chris Cooper and discussed with him how I wanted to work on balance, flexibility, strength training, and weight loss. He listened and then designed a program that was specifically designed with my needs and limitations in mind. Sill hesitant, I started training with Chris in the gym and felt very comfortable yet challenged. My body was responding to the training and I started feeling really good. Chris understood how my upper body could workout to help compensate for my lower body that was paralyzed. To my surprise, I started noticing some weight loss, better balance, and more energy! I had now become a believer in training. I truly did not think that a person who used a wheelchair could ever train alongside others in a gym setting. I was proven wrong and in the process gained more self-confidence along with strength. Three years later, I am still training with Chris Cooper in his gym alongside other trainers and clients that accept me and challenge me every day!! I look forward to the day when I can successfully complete a pull-up where my chin rests on the bar!