No fads or gimmicks with MFS!

Submitted by: Trent Mitchell

Daniel R. Hovenstine, M.D.'s Success Story

“Trent helped me set reasonable goals and then guided me through each step to successfully achieve them. My goals have changed from time to time over the years and Trent has always adjusted to meet my needs and even help me realize potential I didn’t think I had. I respect Trent’s knowledge of sound principals of health and fitness without distraction from fads or gimmicks.”

I was always thin growing up and graduated high school at 6 ft and 140 lbs. over the next few years I filled out to 6 ft. 1 in. and 163 lbs. and in my twenties began working out to maintain both health and appearance. Unfortunately I became frustrated by the lack of progress and when I decided to get some help I found Trent Mitchell. In a relatively short time Trent added 5 lbs. and then 10 lbs. of solid muscle to my frame. I felt stronger, looked better and I had new physical confidence.

I increased my commitment and worked out with Trent on a regular basis. I made more progress and at age 40 successfully completed a 576 mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I though I had reached my maximal potential, but Trent thought I could make additional gains. I had my doubts, but by following his workouts and advice on diet I increased to 180 lbs. while maintaining a body fat of 13%!

With Trent’s continued guidance and more effort I might be able to improve those numbers. I have though given thought to running a marathon in the next few years before I turn fifty (Dan has sense ran a marathon in under 3 hours at age 46)! Trent has faith I could if I wanted to, but he would need to change our workouts and redirect our goals. I’m not sure yet if I’m ready and for now want to stick with his current program which has me looking and feeling younger than my age. Trent Mitchell has certainly had a powerful and lasting impact on my life.