No Excuses! You are only as Strong as you Choose to be!

Submitted by: Rhonda Johnson

not a client, but myself--Rhonda Johnson's Success Story

Keep Persevering, we are all dealt a hand- its how you play it!
That's why I chose myself as my first success story! Because I get down and frustrated as we all do, even as a personal trainer for over 20yrs!
I was born with scoliosis, and had surgery at 13 with a rod down my spine. It did not hold my back from anything I wanted to do! Skip forward 20 years, and my poor spine is taking toll from my fitness endeavers! At 35, I went under surgery for 7 hours for a difficult revision for my back. It was a hard recovery, and now I was also dealing with nerve damage down my left leg. I jumped right back in to training and even decided to open my own studio just 6 months post-op. It was a huge move and lots of pressure, but with my passion for fitness and the desire to train people functional training, I succeeded. Its been a journey, and I am dealing with constant chronic pain and nerve damage, but you have to keep moving forward! There are many a day, that I feel beat or worn down, but I have to keep motivating my clients! I love them too much to quit myself! They are my inspiration! Because we ALL have issues, and problems, and busy lives, and ect, ect, ect!! But it is a choice- choose to be strong and successful! :)


not a client, but myself--Rhonda Johnson Before


not a client, but myself--Rhonda Johnson After