No Confidence to Pure Confidence

Submitted by: Andi Swanson

Melinda's Success Story

This is Melinda's story in her own words:
"When I first started coming to Inspired Fitness a little over 9 months ago I was over weight and way out of shape and hated to exercise. I could't walk from my house to the truck without my back hurting. A friend of mine wanted me to come with her to work out so I finally decided to go with her knowing in the back of my head that this will be like everything else I have tried and quit. I was a little scared to come into the studio to work out but Andi was right there to make sure that I felt at ease. Andi has helped me by being right by my side every step of the way. The best thing I have ever done for myself was walking through the door of Inspired Fitness and there could not have been a better name for the studio. Andi always has motivating words, encouragement and a passion for every single person that walks through the doors of Inspired Fitness. Andi has the ability to know just how far to push me and I could not have gotten this far in my journey of a healthier and fit lifestyle without her help. This is not just a job for Andi, this is her PASSION. Thank you Andi and Inspired Fitness!"

I am proud to announce that Melinda has now lost 63 lbs and 44 inches since coming to see me. Her confidence has went from 0 to 60 and I could't be more proud. She has also now become a Certified Group Fitness Instructor and joined me at the IDEA Fitness Convention in San Diego. Melinda has truly shown the will to be successful and confident!

The after picture is Melinda and I at the Convention.....Thanks IDEA for all that you do! Andi


Melinda Before


Melinda After