Submitted by: Zachary Davis

's Success Story

Zach was my trainer for over a year until he moved to California. I was introduced to his Bootcamp by my sister, she was on fire with excitement about waking up to work out at 5:30am. I on the other hand was not! As a first grade teacher with no energy the last thing I wanted to do was wake up any earlier than I had to in order to work out. I went and after my first day I was hooked and ready to make a "life" change. Zach kept me motivated and encouraged me to stay focused and become aware of my own capabilities. Soon my mother joined and another sister, we
had 4 family members making the commitment. Zach constantly motivated and pushed us physically that we were thrilled to see what the future held. He is an awesome trainer/teacher because I was able to learn as well as work out and make changes that would encourage a healthy and needed lifestyle change. He approaches all workouts with an educated approach that ensures a safe method for great results. I was able to lose weight and inches along with gaining muscle and self confidence! - Nicole Adams