New trainer on the block

Submitted by: Keelin Eichert

Dani's Success Story

One of my first EVER clients made a huge impact of whom I am as a trainer today. My clients name was Dani. She came into the gym not looking for a trainer, she just wanted to do cardio. After talking to her, I find out her doctor says she has about 9-12 months to live because of her health. Dani had type two diabetes, high chl, high blood pressure, 45% body fat and weighed 240 pounds. I told her to train with me 4x a week, and lets see if anything changes. Within her 7 months of personal training, she dropped 65 pounds, 15% body fat and her BP and CHL levels regulated. She went back to the doctors 65 pounds lighter, a ton happier and 100% healthier. Needless to say, her doctor ran a couple tests on her and said it is a miracle. Dani is still currently living, she is still training and is now looking to do her first marathon in October :)