New To The Gym

Submitted by: Juan Carlo San Juan

Carol's Success Story

I first started out with a new gym membership and I didn't know how to do any of the exercises I had seen the other people were doing. Combine that with two knee replacements, hip surgery, and arthritis, I felt like I had wasted my money on a gym membership. It was then did I meet Juan! He knew his stuff and he did an assessment on me and showed me how to use the machines and specific exercises and their modifications. I then took him up as his client and I was astonished at what I could do when working with Juan! Results soon followed and fast-forward three months later and I am feeling youthful again!! No longer am I lost when going to the gym and my knee pain and hip pain disappeared and my arthritis has been alleviated without medication! I feel confident every time I head to the gym on my own and have been utilizing Juan's workouts!! I highly recommend Juan as he is one of the best that makes each session unique!!


Carol After