New To Strength Training

Submitted by: Qunoot Sharafi

Alexa's Success Story

“I’ve always been a runner and kept in shape, but decided in college I wanted to try lifting weights more. After a few months of steady lifting, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. I fell out of my routine and let school and work take over. My weight fluctuated from the stress of school and I lost any strength I once head. This past fall, I decided I wanted to get serious about lifting and that’s when I found Qunoot. I began training with her for two and a half months, and she got me on track with different exercises and how to lift correctly. She helped me clean up my diet and kept me motivated with changing up the exercises and pushing me to continue, even through all my complaints. After a few weeks of training I already started to notice my legs and arms toning up. Now after a month and a half on my own, I have enough confidence at the gym to lift weights and keep raising the weight so I can continue to see the results that I want. Without the push Qunoot gave me each session to work harder, and just finish those last few reps, I would still be in my rut, eating junk food to help with the stress of school. Now I have more energy, I feel great, and I’m more motivated to continue to reach my fitness goals. Personal training with Qunoot was the best decision I have ever made, and I will continue to look to her for advice with future fitness goals. Thanks Qunoot!”


Alexa Before


Alexa After