New Start

Submitted by: Zach Thompson

Brantley's Success Story

After three pregnancies, and years of not pursing my optimal fitness, I never thought I would be back to my "ideal" body weight. I began to recognize negative changes in posture and habits that were the result of years of either being pregnant, not exercising, or exercising improperly.I started training with Zach in October of 2013 and began seeing a transformation from the beginning. He initially assessed my deficiencies and really pushed hard for me to start gaining strength in areas that I had been "ignoring" for years. In these months I have seen an increase in my strength and endurance through our sessions that combine strength training and cardio. In addition to improving my overall strength, I needed to lose weight as well. Zach coached me continually on diet strategies and has cheerfully supported me every week- making me feel great with his congrats and "high fives" at weight-ins, and texting in between sessions to encourage me and at the same time hold me accountable. He has also continually kept up with what I am doing on my own for cardio, encouraging me to remain on my fitness plan the days I am not at the studio. This week I weight in at my wedding weight (just slightly less than my pre-pregnancy weight!), for the first time in 10 years!!! Training with Zach has been truly life-changing. I now have a NEW fitness goal: to build muscle mass and have more definition that I have ever had in the past. This previously tired, 37-year-old mother of three has been energized and inspired to do what I had decided was impossible. I've been able to do that through having a great trainer who knew how to prioritize my fitness goals, and continually motivate and inspire me for my weight loss goal. Thank you Zach!!!