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Submitted by: John Penley

J Huff's Success Story

March 23, 2013
I am a 51 year old, husband and father of 4. Between family, career, coaching youth sports and life in general I at some point I simply forgot to take care of myself. I was at a loss for how to fix what I had allowed to happen to myself. As a coach I know several trainers; I once saw a post that John Penley made me realize why people need personal trainers. We don’t have the time or where with all to learn the necessary knowledge, which a personal trainer possess.
50 Yrs. Old, 71”, 329.8#, 55% body fat, morbidly obese: not only was I Pre Diabetic with High Blood Pressure 146/98 and High Cholesterol my meds were no longer working properly. 5 minutes on recumbent bike and 5 minutes elliptical was all I could handle before the pain was too much and I did 8 pushups.
51 Yrs. Old, 71”, 287#, 43% body fat, Obese II: Blood Sugar improved from 111 to 99, My Dr. told my Blood Pressure is “Perfect 122/62” and my Cholesterol was down 50%. I am no longer taking Medicine for High Cholesterol. I ride the bike for 45 minutes at 18 mph and the elliptical for 15 min. I did 23 pushups.
John Penley of Alpha & Omega is prompt, always prepared and always available to answer our questions. Choosing Alpha & Omega became easy knowing that John not only has the education and certifications necessary but also possesses the life experience from his Career in the U.S. Navy and as an Athlete necessary to be great at his career choice. At all times he has our best interest in mind as it pertains to but not limited to Health, Nutrition and Physical Fitness.
Although I typically do not recommend medical or legal professionals; I have complete faith and trust in Johns abilities and completely recommend him and Alpha & Omega.