New Lease on Life

Submitted by: Steve Vicera

Greg 's Success Story

In March 2OO4 I visited the Mayo Clinic for an executive physical. During the physical I was asked to weigh and couldn't believe that I weighed 286 lbs. The Mayo team explained the dangers of excessive weight and shared with me some nominal exercises that I should do to reduce my weight. Besides the weight issue, my blood pressure was high and they prescribed medication to help reduce my blood pressure.

I went home with all the ambition to lose weight over the coming months. Unfortunately, in December of 2OO4 I decided to weigh again to verify my weight loss. Unfortunately, my weight had increased to 3O5 lbs. Why? because I didn't exercise or follow the doctor's orders.

I decided to do something about it. I joined Mountainside Fitness Center in Scottsdale on January 1st, 2OO5. There I also obtained the services of personal trainer Steve Vicera. Steve developed a 3O minute workout for me to do 3 days per week. On days I wasn't meeting with Steve I worked out using mainly the cardio machines.

I returned to the Mayo Clinic in April 2OO5 for another executive physical and was pleased to see that I had lost 48 lbs in only three and half months and my blood pressure had dropped to 114/8O.

As of June 9th, I had lost a total of 65 lbs!! My goal is to lose another 25 lbs by the end of 20O5 and then maintain it!

It's important when one decides to lose weight to be consistent with your workouts and food selections everyday. Stay focused on the goal and do not compromise. If I can do it anybody can. I'm now up to 1 hour of cardio exercise without stopping; that's a long way from my initial time of only 2 minutes.

The key is to stay focused and don't cheat. I had tried every diet in the world only to fail. Now I eat three balanced, healthy, low fat meals per day and never go hungry. I just watch what I eat but most importantly I work out to burn the calories.

Keep pushing,

Greg Beason
Vice President, Honeywell Airframe Systems Defense & Space


Greg  Before


Greg  After