Never ran a mile in her life!

Submitted by: Amanda Sheldon

Sandra's Success Story

Sandra and her sister, Luisa, both began training with me in May of 2008. Sandra had never run a mile in her life, but by October they were both making plans to train for the ING Marathon in Jan 2009. Unfortunately, Luisa was forced out of training due to some pre-existing injuries, and that was just part of her journey. Have you ever completed a marathon or other endurance event? Just to give you some perspective on how much sacrifice and training an endurance event requires: out of our original training group, of about a dozen people, only two were there on race day and went on to cross the finish line. Sandra was one of them.
Now, believe it or not, despite training for and completing the marathon, Sandra had not quite met the goal weight she had set for herself. It was not until October of last year (2009) that she tipped the scale just under her goal weight of 140 pounds. Sandra continues to maintain her wellness and weighed in last week 139 pounds.
Luisa continues her wellness journey and has lost nearly fifty pounds so far, and has recently been approaching her wellness with a new and consistent vigor. I know you will be seeing her goal weight photo soon!


Sandra Before


Sandra After