Never Quit

Submitted by: Beth Harris

Scarlett's Success Story

Scarlett came to me in June of 2011 to begin training. Her intial goals were to lose weight, feel stronger, help with her low back pain(of which she constantly suffered), and to increase her energy. "Between 10 am and 2 pm I am very tired and work and feel awful." At this point Scarlett had began walking for 20 minutes three times a week, and had been doing so consistantly for one week.
By August of 2011 we had gotten through most of her sessions, but life was beginning to get in the way of her exercise (Scarlett's also has a young son and a full time job). After several unfortunate incidences of her getting sick, her son, and her husband; the stresses of life began to accumulate and Scarlett expressed she needed a break.
January 16th of this year Scarlett was ready to return(after a 5 month break), feeling more motivated and rejuvinated than before! We retook her measurements, which hadn't changed much from June 2011.
From January 16th to March 2nd Scarlett hit the ground running. She began applying everything she had learned from before about healthy eating choices, began doing cardio on her lunch breatk(AWESOME!!..bye bye day time drowsiness!!), and even motivated her husband to join her in her healthy lifestyle changes. She very rarely has back issues, and has learned for example how to pick up her son with proper form to decrease torque on her low back.
In this 6 week period Scarlett lost 14 pounds, 8.35 inches, and 8.35% body fat. She is now training on her own and feels comfortable with developing and implementing a successful workout and eating plan for herself.
Scarlett's story is one of my favorite for two reasons. First, she exemplifies "life happens". Many times individuals expect changes to occur fast, and in a linear-uninterrupted-fashion. Her story shows us sometimes we have to take a break, take care of work, ourselves, our family; but that doesn't mean we have to quit. And it absolutely doesn't mean everything we did originally was for nothing. When Scarlett came back she was MORE able to implement change than before, and very successfully so.
Second, Scarlett has a strong understanding on how to successfully implement healthy lifestyle choices, has learned how to do it on her own terms, AND-has motivated her husband to do the same, which should be the goal of every Health and Fitness professional.
Scarlett is a shining success story, great job woman! Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration.


Scarlett Before


Scarlett After

Beth Harris

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