Never Give Up!

Submitted by: Heather Mendenhall

Angie's Success Story

When I first began working with Heather, I was scared and doubtful. I'd been on the wrong track with my health for so long. She had faith in me though. I remember standing in front of a set of bleachers one day, and Heather was telling me to jump up on them. In my mind, it could not be done, but she KNEW I could do it, and I did. Over and over again, I did it. Heather has the ability to help you realize you CAN do what you thought was impossible! Through her advice, encouragement, and positive attitude, she helped me find a better version of myself. I have gone from a 240 lb, unhappy person that couldn't walk up a flight of stairs without becoming winded, to 166 lb smiling woman that can run 13.1 miles! Anytime I find myself facing a daunting task, I can hear Heather's words of support, encouraging me not to give up.